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Welcome back to Soul Society!

That's right! Soul Society is back open!
I'm sure you're wondering why, well because I forgot how much I loved this place, and now I have more time to actually be active here myself. I removed everyones mod-status due to inactivity so sorry about that. All the Captains, Vice-Captains and Division members have also been removed but you can still go back there, you only need 15 posts to join a division and I will choose people to be Captains and Vice-Captains, but you can apply to be one of those! So I would like to welcome everyone back, and welcome any new members, let's make Soul Society...
by Starky - Comments: 8 - Views: 1760

This is a blog and I don't know how it works
I am blog impaired, but I am also bored so therefore I am writing a blog post.

It would seem that all though I have returned, I never seem to be on at the same time as anyone else. Curses. Well, I hope my talking style hasn't changed too much (I changed from forum speak to soul-arena chat box speak to wow speak so I might talk a little differently), at least not to the point you can't recognize me anymore. Though it is fun to meet all the new people I haven't talked to before (or at least not much) who joined since I stopped coming on. Nowadays my limit is 4 hours of computer time a...
by Remas - Comments: 1 - Views: 565

Sorry everyone. I have posted this in a couple spots, but I have a new job and lately (the last week or so) I have come home so tired that I haven't been on the forum much. That will change here soon!!! Smile I plan on being back on ASAP!!!! Hope you haven't been posting stuff I have to go back and delete ! lol!
by BigJDelux - Comments: 0 - Views: 345

Mood: Tired but extremely happy.
Currently Doing: Browsing forums,working on the rp and creating banners for the rp.
Current Anime: xxxHolic
Current Manga: D.Gray-Man
Current Reading: Ursula Le Guin "The Wizard of EarthSea."

It's that time of the year again,the Gem Show is in town.This will be the last week and I finally managed to go.There are over 25 locations scattered around town but I only visited five of them.There's still time though.I'm really happy currently because I found this amazing sword with handle styled like a dragon...Also...
by altria - Comments: 0 - Views: 577

Current mood:Blah and tired.
I'm am very tried right now. Going to the Mardi Gras parade yesterday tried me out! pale My legs and arms are hurting right now. No I feel like sleeping for a week. Sleep But lol, I did catch alot of breads, and what not. Also my borther's girlfriend brought me a hat. It blue and it's very pretty.
by Pray-Tesla - Comments: 0 - Views: 362

Mood: Relieved, a little happy
Currently Doing: browsing forums, working
Current Anime: Inuyasha - The Final Act
Current Manga: Bleach 391
Currently listening to: none

SO today has been pretty good. I am busy and things are looking good. . . for once. I really don't have anything else to write. I wish everyday could FEEL like today. I feel at peace. I feel like I owe God a high five for today.

by BigJDelux - Comments: 1 - Views: 584

Current mood: Chill
Current music: Whatever is on Glee episode 3
Currently doing: Watching Glee and keeping a look out on spoilers (and of course blogging)

I wouldn't say that it was an entirely productive or wasted day. I prepared (sort of) for my class tomorrow and even did my tutorial. Earlier, I even tried to teach my older sister some Japanese, but she just went a little nuts and starting speaking in Thai and Malay instead. It was fun though.

Tomorrow, I'm going for this Career Fair which is held by our college. My plan's just to scout the job market, not actually...
by Guest - Comments: 0 - Views: 437

Current mood: Tired and not sleepy. ><
Current music: Claire De Lune-Debussy
Currently doing: Wondering on this and BA forums,coming up with the plot for the RP and trying to create the Labs..
Current Anime:Tweeny Witches-it's hilarious and I love the art style.
Current book-Vampire Hunter D Novels- uwaah..D-san is soo cool <3

~I have a looong day tomorrow,how I wish to skip.Today was horrible as well.Had to get up at 7 for a doctor's appointment,then run to late..had that stupid,stupid person coming to class again,just quit...
by altria - Comments: 0 - Views: 376

And I just laughed my ass off!!! Not only did HOSSICE post a spoiler to bleach, but his sig has an ad for Hueco Mundo!!! So either someone needs to tell him to piss off or that we aren't at that site anymore!!! lol!
by BigJDelux - Comments: 0 - Views: 1719

Current mood: Sleepy
Current music: None
Currently doing: Admin stuff on other forums... Blah!
Current Anime: KuroKami!!! X3

Well folks the rambling continues.

RPG RPG RPG.... This new RPG forum I've started has caught the eye of friends I know in Real life, but what about members I don't know in real life?! When do I get those?? XDDD Blah!

School is a pain right now. XD I'm having trouble keeping up with everything. But I can pull through... Right now I should be doing my homework actually XDD

Love Life - My E-GF to be, Ami Takahashi,...
by Karasu Inoue - Comments: 0 - Views: 422

Just something I thought about
Mood: Tired
Currently Doing: Browsing forums, watching TV
Current Anime: None ...
Current Manga: Durarara!!! Chapter 2

Well I was thinking if I should start a thread or just blog about sharing what I learn in this Japanese language class that I'm taking. It's very basic Japanese but I find it useful if I'm going to Japan someday. But it's going to be pretty time-consuming so I'll have to think about it, unless someone knows Japanese is willing to help out.
by Guest - Comments: 0 - Views: 554

Mood: Tired, annoyed, fangirling
Currently Doing: browsing forums, studying
Current Anime: None ...
Current Manga: Fairy Tail(Chapter 40)
Currently listening to: In The Name Of God by Dream Theater

Lol stupid wisdom tooth. I hope I won't have to have it removed, because that'd hurt even more. Or so I heard.

I should be strong and start studying now so I can hang out with you guys later and finish that Zoro drawing. Yes, I have a dream. A dream where Zoro is wearing a bushido outfit and I drew it successfully. Kya~
by Musashi - Comments: 0 - Views: 388

Current location: My studio, watching my friend kick ass at using photoshop. He's so awesome ♥️
Current mood: -_- (Yeah, I feel as flat as that -_- face)
Current Music: Rosier by High and Mighty Color

My friends are idiots. All of them. First, my guy friend decides to date my cousin's best friend. Did I mention my cousin hates my guy friend? Then, the girl my friend is dating, decides to go and update her facebook and say that she's dating him,...
by smart.deedee - Comments: 0 - Views: 357

Mood: Bored
Currently Doing: Listening to my Hetalia Playlist on Youtube
Current Anime: None
Current Manga: Fairy Tail(Chapter 8 )
Currently listening to: This

So I've been awake for 2 hours now. Nothing interesting has happened so far, or actually, nothing has happened today. Two of my friends said they'd call me later if they had plans, doesn't seem like they will, because let's face it, they're as lazy as myself. I'm still too lazy to go to the RP site and I'm sure the members are furious there because I haven't updated their stats. I apologize...
by Starky - Comments: 7 - Views: 447

Mood:Tired, Only got 5 hours sleep
Location: In the Lounge watching TV
Currently listening too:30 Seconds to mars
Current anime series: Fairy Tail
Current read: Hunger (the second book in the gone series)

Well I've had a crap day/night I've hardly slept a wink, I'm Starving but I feel like if i eat it wont stay down, I'm in a bad mood, and i'm Here for another day of fun so i hope you guys can cheer me up Razz

I'm currently watching...
by Soul-Slayer - Comments: 0 - Views: 372

Mood:Tired..didn't sleep all night.Also happy,the weekend.
Location:My bed with my dear HP Mini laptop.<3 I love this thing.
Currently listening too:Leonard Cohen album.Love his deep,slightly scratchy voice.
Current anime series: xxxHolic's awesome,all must watch. :O
Current read:I Robot:A collection of published works of Isaak Asimov.This book was such a find.*wee* It's old,has most of his stories including the never published once.
That's about it for today.
by altria - Comments: 0 - Views: 395

Mood: Content
Background Music: Rush - R30 30th Anniversary World Tour DVD

isn't that a cool blog title

So I mentioned elsewhere on the forum that my freshman has a boyfriend now. And she's extremely happy, unusually so. It warms my heart <3 she's so adorable.

Solo and Ensemble Festival is coming up in band. I'm a bit nervous, but it's all good, I suppose. I expect a superior, because anything less will bring SHAME AND HUMILIATION to our school like what happened last year. *shudder*

And to round it out, an opportunity for a girlfriend has...
by Somedude - Comments: 0 - Views: 623

Current location: Bed with my laptop
Current mood: Emo and Lovey-dovey
Current Music: Nana Mizuki - Uchi e Kaerou
Current Currency: Gald~ >=3
(lol Currency? WTF?)

Let's see, Bleach Souls, ToS (In construction), Kuro Kami, UlquiHime, oh wait! What's that? The Anime Club at my school wants me to make a forum just for them?! Oh boy =_="" XD So lately I've been all over the internet looking for things to add to the various forums I run. Luckily UlquiHime still has Starky and the other admins to run it. So I don't have to keep my eyes on it as much as the...
by Karasu Inoue - Comments: 0 - Views: 437
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