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 Paper Crown~[Darker than Black: HeixYin]

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PostSubject: Paper Crown~[Darker than Black: HeixYin]   Fri Jan 29, 2010 4:33 pm

The anime is from Darker than Black and the couple are Hei and Yin.
Scans were given to me by sakuramiko16 from BA (Thank you my dear :love:) If you guys know where I can find the translations
Anywhoo, if you guys have yet to watch Darker than Black anime, you totally should~

Anyway, here they are: This is the first half. I need to rummage my files to find the second half

PS. I don't own ANY of the doujin scans!
Warning: Mature Content! ABSOLUTELY not safe for work!!!
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Paper Crown~[Darker than Black: HeixYin]
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