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 My facepalm moment of the month

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PostMy facepalm moment of the month

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My friends are idiots. All of them. First, my guy friend decides to date my cousin's best friend. Did I mention my cousin hates my guy friend? Then, the girl my friend is dating, decides to go and update her facebook and say that she's dating him, so that my cousin finds out. Now, I don't question why she did it. After all, what's the point of secretly dating someone?

Then, my cousin updates her facebook and says that she is disappointed at her friend. Now, my guy friend used to date this girl who's also a friend of my cousin, and it happens that this girl didn't end in such good terms with my friend, because she's freaking nuts. She really is. But the problem comes from my cousin, who's so upset that I fear she might murder my friend if she ever sees him. And then, I'm gonna be caught in the middle because god forbid I have friends outside her social circle, and Aizen forbid I should go against her ideas. So I'm basically going through ugly friendship divorce, and all I want to be is Switzerland (neutral) because I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS!

What's the point here? I need to find friends who are not total morons. *Insert EPIC facepalm here*
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My facepalm moment of the month

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