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 Woopy... Another Kinoue Blog!

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Karasu Inoue

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PostWoopy... Another Kinoue Blog!

Current mood: Sleepy
Current music: None
Currently doing: Admin stuff on other forums... Blah!
Current Anime: KuroKami!!! X3

Well folks the rambling continues.

RPG RPG RPG.... This new RPG forum I've started has caught the eye of friends I know in Real life, but what about members I don't know in real life?! When do I get those?? XDDD Blah!

School is a pain right now. XD I'm having trouble keeping up with everything. But I can pull through... Right now I should be doing my homework actually XDD

Love Life - My E-GF to be, Ami Takahashi, hasn't been on in a while DX Hopefully she can "Clear her head" soon enough XD
Speaking of E-somethings, my E-sister Momo is sick! (No not Sunomomo, though they do act so similar it's almost scary o_o XD)

Starky is just... psh, Starky! I mean really! He's so much more Starky than anyone else here, and yet look how STARKY he is!

I finish off my second totally random and irreverent blog with a LloydxSheena pic, because in case you don't know! I'M A SHELOYD FAN!


Credit to the Artist - Sammehkins

Oh! And I link to the RPG site to those interested XD
"OMG! The same skin as this site?!"
Forumotion's free. Sue me =_=" You won't get anything out of me! XD What do you want, my High School Education? XDDD

Man, Starky has his own domain name... XP Foiled again XD
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Woopy... Another Kinoue Blog! :: Comments

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Woopy... Another Kinoue Blog!

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