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 Reccomend a Game.

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PostSubject: Reccomend a Game.   Wed Feb 03, 2010 1:41 am

Do you know an amazing game?Then recommend it here.You can also ask for a recommendation in specific genre.

~So for starters I recommend Elder Scrolls III:Morrowind for PC although there's an Xbox port as well.This game is amazing,if you have been playing traditional RPG like me then the freedom you get might be confusing.After the intro and picking name,birth sign and distributing points the game starts you off with a note to a guy in another city.And that's it.From then on you can do whatever you want.Go see the guy to continue the main plot or do side missions or hunt monsters or gather ingredients or just explore the huge world with Dwarf ruins,shrines to dark gods.The main story of the game follows the story of one faction, one of the major forces in Morrowind. When you join the faction, you will be given a quest to complete, whether it be investigating some ancient ruins, retrieving certain herbs from a forest, guiding a person from point A to B. When you return with the quest completed, you will receive a reward, and may be promoted through the ranks of the faction, before being given a new quest. However, there is more than one faction to the game, and you can join any number of them.But be careful because factions interact with each other differently,the Fighter Guild doesn't get along with the Thieves guild well.The graphics are also amazing and beautiful.I could go on and on about this game but the main point is-It's amazing.If you have a computer and like open,kinda rpg games give it a try.Gamefaqs site has really good reviews of it so if interested check it out.^^
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PostSubject: Re: Reccomend a Game.   Wed Feb 17, 2010 3:48 pm

I see pc games I guess then I would like to recommend this 1 particular game Very Happy

Soul of the Ultimate Nation Wiki

Soul of the Ultimate Nation (often abbreviated as S.U.N.) is a fantasy-based massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) produced by Webzen

Like some other MMORPGs, S.U.N. utilizes the "hack and slash" way. Players are part of a rebel group known as "The Guidance". Items can be strengthened and upgraded throughout the game play of SUN. For large-scale combat such as siege warfare, Soul of the Ultimate Nation utilizes a combat map with partitions that divides players into multiple fields each containing 20-40 characters; the outcome each battle having direct affects on the combat occurring on other fields. SUN also allows players to strategically set the stage for battles by choosing different types of maps, entry numbers, degrees of difficulty and types of monsters for a customized game play experience. SUN has three types of specified maps using a zone map system. Players start the game in a city and have to create zones to play the game. In terms of maps, the mission maps are the primary places where players can solve missions. The hunting maps are for tracking down monsters to level up characters, gather items and acquire in-game money. The quest maps are used to fulfill quests and to help users better understand the overall scenario of the game.

Character Classes

1) Dragon Knight A.K.A DragonKin - Party's supportive tanker with high strength and speed.

Starting Village : Welthen

- Values honor and dignity
- Splendid and skillful sword arts
- Practical, single blow to attack enemies - True power of the Dragons

House of the Old Dragons is a organization of which the members consist of the Old Dragons who are the conscript fathers of the Dragons. Except for the Senator, all members are of equal status, and their gatherings are held at the massive temple in the Valley of the Dragons. Currently the wasteland that the Dragons are residing is a place where communication with or moving back and forth between the external world is blocked by the spells cast by the evil tribes. However, the conscript fathers sometimes put a hole in the block, communicate with the outside or help dragon knights to escape. Most dragon knights who escape from the wasteland join the revolution force except for a few of them who are quite old and retired and work at the cities and villages as shopkeepers or messengers. Dragon knights frequently receive special assignments from such messengers.

● Systematization

- Strengthened Combat Uses strengthening buffering magic for friendly forces.

- Cursing Dragonic Uses cursing magic against the enemies.

- Stat Type Normal Does not have special skills but has strong short range attack damage.

2) Berserker - Party's tanker and leader with high strength and endurance.

Starting Village : Tringel

- Strong destructive power
- Short range attack warrior
- Swords man beyond human power
- Can command ultimate sword techniques, but sometimes runs reckless and endangers the party.

Most Berserkers are warriors who do not have any connections. They do not know about their bloodline and past and have begun their fights in the battle field to make their livings.For them the only connection is the Mercenary Union. Gaining recognition as great warriors, they hear about the revolution forces and decide to join them. The Mercenary Union still frequently calls him for duties other than those as members of the revolution forces.

● Systematization

- Defensive Defender As vanguard of the party, defender Berserkers draws the enemies' attention and secures stable damages to the enemies.

- Offensive Berserk Leads the party with powerful damage skills and stable defense techniques.

- Stat type Normal Able to wear high stat equipments from low character level status > high armor defense, and weapon damage.

3) Valkyrie - Party's supportive damage dealer with high speed and spirit.

Starting Village : Welthen

● Combat Characteristics

- Expertise in archery
- Also has various combat skills including sword techniques and can summon pets
- Both long and short range attack skills

In the early days of the establishment of the Empire, there was a dragon hunting of a gigantic scale. During those days, large numbers of the Dragons moved to the West of the continent to escape from the evil tribe's persecution. Engulfed by the conflict between the Dragons and the evil tribe, Valkyries who lived near the Dragons also had to move to the West.
After moving to the west, the Valkyries formed the Clan to restore the tribe's power and to secure protection.The Valkyries who were the first to join the revolution forces were extremely hostile to dragon knights who joined the revolution forces later. Such hostility is oppressed for achieving the common goal of defeating the Empire, however, one can never be assured when the conflict between them would protrude.

● Systematization

- Attacking Offensive Splendid and strong skill damages.

- Summon Stable hunting with pets and effective buff skills.

- Stat Type Normal Able to wear high stat equipments from low character level status > Effective normal attack techniques.

4) Elementalist - Is helpful for healing members, also for their destructive power. But weak defense.

Starting Village : Tringel

- Chief mage of the Revolution Forces
- Offensive and healing spell-casters during battle
- Manna is easily drained, therefore requires equipments to enhance magical power

The royal mages of Altheim were divided into to factions of the Circle and Ether, depending on how they understood and used magic. After the break of war between Roshufelt and Altheim, these two groups supported different sides to prove their magic's superiority. However, towards the end of the war, both sides were wretchedly defeated by the evil tribe.
In order to fight against the evil tribe's mages, they united as the Magic Laboratory and put forth their energy to train masters of the four elements magic of humans. Young girls with good mage's disposition were carefully assorted and were isolated for focusing on studying the magic. After the formation of the Revolution Forces by Igness, the Magic Laboratory dispatched these young Elementalists to the Revolution Forces. Besides fighting against the Empire troops, they also collect ancient documents and artifacts as ordered by the Magic Laboratory.

● Systematization

- Offensive Ether Splendid and strong fast spells to attack enemies
.- Healing Circle Various and strong buff spells to increase party members' abilities and to heal and revive friendly forces.

The character's height and hairstyles/colors/face may be modified to the player's liking.

Battle Zone System

Under the Battle Zone System, players can create "rooms" for battles, be it against monsters or other players. Players will have to talk with a specific non-player character, (also called NPC's) in each town to create such rooms. They can select different types of maps, set the entry numbers, degree of difficulty and types of monsters within the map. For a players vs. monsters map, players will form a party and usually have to proceed through the map to complete certain map objectives, such as killing the boss monster. At the end of the stage, experience and loot are shared among the participants.

More quests and missions will be added to S.U.N. to continue the ongoing story. Additionally, when a mission is near completion, tips will appear for readers to unlock hidden missions.
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Reccomend a Game.
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