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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Fri Jan 22, 2010 4:58 pm

These rules are to be followed at all times, breaking these rules may result in a warning or a ban. It is up to staff whether or not user actions equal a warning or a ban depending on the particular offence. These rules will and can be updated at any time.


Instant Ban

Things that we will instantly ban you for:

Racist Comments/Flaming
Homophobic Comments/Flaming
Advertising without permission (pm Starky for permission to advertise)

*Racist and Homophobic jokes are not encouraged.

Other Forum Rules

* Just use common sense and be nice to each other.

* No flame wars/flaming. Mod bashing is also considered flaming.

* We are not going to restrict swearing but please use it sparingly if at all.

* No posting of real life porn/real life porn site links.

* Try not to double post. Edit your previous post if possible.

* Threads close at 1000 posts. Mods will lock a thread that reaches this limit and you may start a new thread (v2 or whatever).

* Do not use giant gifs etc in sig’s/av’s; this will keep load times down.

* Keep threads on topic.

* Don’t make spam posts, try and contribute something more than “lol” to a conversation.

* No duplicate accounts.

* When using tags please use sensible words. It is a search function not a spam/joke function.

* If you post fan art, fan fic or art of any kind please credit the artist.

* Please do not post hardcore yaoi/yuri/hentai materials outside of the relevant fc’s.
When posting in the fc’s please use spoiler tags and warnings.

*If you want to discuss topics of an adult nature please use spoiler tags with a warning. Many people do not wish to read this kind of thing and they should have the option to choose.

* Don't encourage trolls, if you rep, reply to or encourage trolls in any way you may be treated similar to the troll.

* If you don't like something a mod does do not confront them publicly, pm them or an admin to sort it out.

* No name changes. Choose wisely.

* No harsh character/pairing bashing in posts/sig’s/av’s. You may discuss characters flaws but please try and do it in a sensible way.


Ichigo sucks, I’m sick to hell of his lame ass plot kai abilities. (NO)

I’m getting tired of Ichigo’s constant ability to win fights even though he hasn’t trained or anything since before the Hueco Mundo arc. (OK)

Seriously, just use common sense.


Credits to Papan from Soulsnpirates Smile
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Forum Rules
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