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 Naruto 487 review

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PostSubject: Naruto 487 review   Mon Mar 22, 2010 7:47 am

Hi dear readers and fans. Things are getting wrapped up here in Narutoverse, and it feels like the stage is ready for big events to follow.
These last chapters offered us the transformation of Sasuke into a villain who's sole purpose is to kill people who stand in his way, the transformation of Naruto into the hero of the village, and a shinobi who's resolve cannot be crushed, but we also witnessed the transformation, or at least the beginning of changes in the whole Narutoverse, since war was declared upon the 5 Great Nations.
Basically I think the Kage Summit arc, and the following "Adventures of Sasuke" arc has been concluded.
Let's see why...

Battle means several fronts, or at least powerful people making their move. The first character of this group of elite people is Zetsu, and Kishimoto chose him this week to be on the cover.
I borrowed SleepyFans translation for this one.
From darkness into darkness. So grotesque it's uncertain whether he's even human or not...the Devil's enforcer Zetsu
I like this cover texts a lot. They sometimes foreshadow an event, sometimes they just offer an insight on a character or characters, sometimes both.
He made first made his appearance after the Battle of the Valley of the End between Sasuke and Naruto. He showed some great stealth skills, but he had a creepy image, having two personalities in one body. All his appearances from that moment involved support for the Akatsuki. As Madara hinted last week, he's not really the direct fighter type even if he had the ability to hold down several Kages even for a few moments.
He is the one ninja who probably stands the closest to the real meaning of shinobi:deception, stealth, assasination. I don't think we've seen what he did so far in the field of assassionation, but I hope we'll see Zetsu's that side as well.
So the words chosen by Kishimoto are a perfect match, but the attention he received is not coincidental.

Until we see what else Zetsu did, let's focus on the other characters around him.
Things reached a conclusion in this chapter. Naruto has a strong resolve, which made Sasuke to make him his target. Naruto is objecting that he haven't acknowledged him, yet, but Sasuke's silent look hints towards the fact that he did.
As I mentioned in a previous review, Sakura's personality and the circumstances in which she lived so far, don't make her a character on the same level with the rest of team 7. She's not disappointing me in this matter, as she acknowledges that this fight is not hers, and all she can do is to believe in Naruto and Sasuke.
I don't know if I'm reading into this too much or not, but both Sasuke and Naruto have reached the bottom level of patheticness in their character development. Sasuke's fainting and reactions after Itachi's death were set off by Madara, who willingly threw Sasuke into the darkness. From there Sasuke emerged as a villain, who has the potential of reaching even the great Madara's level.
Naruto was caught in the vortex of important decisions and feelings as well. He chose to remain a hero, and the one who will carry the burden known as Sasuke.
Sakura is having the same period of patheticness I think. She reached the bottom level, where she decided she can't do anything for Naruto and Sasuke. I only hope that this experience will mark her, and that maybe she will toughen up in order to have a healthy contribution in the war, and aiding Naruto in his decision of making peace. She was always a support for Naruto, so if she can consolidate her position in a great manner I'll be glad.

Kakashi is the only one who doesn't have ups or downs, maybe he's to experienced for these quick developments. Even he had his share when he was dead for a time, but since than he showed no change in his character, which is good as he maintains his reputation in Narutoverse and the real world.
He respects Naruto's decision and he sees that a future confontation between the two is inevitable and crucial. He knows the young shinobi will take over the old generation, so that's how I can interpret his decision, but he doesn't give up, and he tries to take out at least a foe from the old generation.
Now the scene is funny a bit, but reveals things as well. Copy ninja Kakashi was stopped by a mere wave of hand, and the words it's useless.
But things are not as simple as that. Kakashi demonstrates skill and insight, because he can recognise the gap between him and madara. What's a bit surprising that Madara knows about Kakashi's technique, but if we remember that he was always close to Zetsu, than it's okay.
Basicallt Kakashi can only send things away with his technique, whereas Madara can use it in both ways, sending and summoning. That can be considered as a foreshadowing of Kakashi upgrading his technique on Madara's level, but I still think Sasuke is gonna be the one who will dispose of Madara.

And at last, but not at least, there's Sasuke. He's showing signs of finally acknowledging Naruto as he decides to take hold of the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. This is a good, but expected development, as it takes Sasuke to the last station in his character development as a villain.
As they disappear, Naruto challenges Sasuke in his mind, and shows his final thought in the matter:"Bring it on mate".
I love Kishi's style of concluding things. He begins with the title, than he focuses a bit on Zetsu, and only after that he continues to actually show us the conclusion of the meeting of Team 7. But even as he does, that he reveals that Sasuke will get his long-awaited upgrade, and hints in one panel that Kakashi might be able to upgrade his MS.
I also like that Kishi is not forgetting things...

This comical scene reminds me of Jiraiya and Naruto in part 1, so Kishi is kind enough to mix some nostalgic feelings within a comedy scene. As the comedy scene ends, he shifts to the last person in this whole gathering:"Indestructible" Karin. She shows some respect towards Naruto, which means that she will be of great help for Konoha. Naruto who has great influence back in the village, might even save Karin from imprisonment and let her join forces.
This was the final touch of Kishi's conclusion of the legendary reunion of Team 7. So he shifted gears...

This is a sign that Kishi will start to focus on the war...I think...the changing of location always means development of the story, so this time shouldn't be an exception. We see Kumo brothers entering their villages and be welcomed by some of the townfolk.
The first thing we notice is Samehada on the back of Bee. It is a fine addition to his arsenal, mainly because he is a swordsman, but this is where things get twisted

And what a twist that is. I could call it double twist. It's a good twist in the story, and what a twisted face that is.
It is revelead that Kisame's job of capturing Bee was not that simple. We get a scene of a small conversation between Madara and Kisame, where Kisame is getting his orders of sneaking in Kumogakure.
Zetsu helped bigtime in this whole operation, no wonder he got the cover for himself. He used his Shapeshifting technique in order to mimic the chakra and appearance of Kisame, in the last moments of that battle. When Kisame merged with Samehada, Zetsu transformed into Kisame in the water. The exact moment is unknown, but I think it was slightly before the merging technique ended. Samehada consumed Kisame and it transformed him into energy. This is not a surprise, since this ability was shown to us in the fight as well. The problem is how will Kisame get out, but the bigger question is why is he there in the first place. I think when commotion will start and Kumo will start to head out in order to face Madara's attack, that will be the time, when Kisame will come out of hiding, and will try to attack Bee again. What is certain in my opinion, is that Kisame will be backed up when he finally decides to come out, so Kumo will have to defend itself from an outside and inside attack as well.
Madara could also want something from Kumo. Maybe Kumo is in a strategic location or somewhere hard to get, so he needs a powerful fighter, to capture Hachibi, but to attack the village in the same time.
More red points go to Kishi as he explains the Shapeshifting technique which was used against Chiyo and co. and Gai and co.
Basically the technique is the same, but this time Zetsu used it on himself, more correctly a clone.
But no points are bigger than this...

Another change of location. We see Kabuto getting used to the white-snake's powers. He kills several Waterfall shinobi, with probably the technique called Hidden Snake Hands. He kills several ninja with great ease, and as the author says it he slithers around in the world which will be soon consumed by war.

Quick summary/Opinions
Great cliffhanger, which makes predictions impossible. At first this chapter seems chaotic. Team 7 is going home to get ready, Sasuke is getting ready. On another front akatsuki is making a move, and Kabuto finally appears showing interest in upcoming developments. This is a chapter which I call a transition chapter. It's not sure to which arc it belongs, if we want to be precise, because it just ended one, but set new things in motion.
Finally something I can call story development. We saw events happening in several places of the ninja worlds, and they all converge to the upcoming war. So from this point of view, this chapter is perfect, but these are not all the ingredients.
We've got ourselves some fair character development as well. We got an insight into Zetsu's character and what he can do, we've seen the final touches concerning Team 7, but new characters were added as well.
The art was sensational, the most epic panel is Kisame's face in my opinion, the extent to which Kishimoto can draw creepy characters is impressive, and I like it a lot.
So a lot happened in various places, but there's no reason not to question Kishimoto a bit. Sakura is puttin her trust once again in Naruto and Sasuke which is not that good for the character. I hope I'm right though, and this is the bottom of patheticness. Kisame's revival is questinable as well, mostly because of the reasons of his stealth mission, and the not so clear circumstance in which the switch with Zetsu was performed. But the importance of this question if overruled by the fact that Madara is the one who gave the order, so we might see some tactic in this war, besides just fighting.
All in all 8/10, it's not a perfect chapter, but being a transition chapter is the highest mark it can get IMO.

Predictions/Want to happen

I think this time Kishi will make what I want to see. And that's Kabuto. I think it's inevitable, because Kabuto is enjoying great hype, and the fact that he was presented in the cliffhanger backs this up.
But Naruto's return in the village, Sasuke getting EMS, or Madara setting out for Ame or other possible scenarios which could appear alongside Kabuto. So precise predictions are a bit impossible, because the manga shifted attention from one location, to several other at once.
I just hope the pace will be good, but I don't want kabuto's character be done in a hurry either.

Well that's all folks. I think the review was more chaotic than the chapter, but heck, what can I do. I can just hope U like both of them, and go to sleep with peace in my heart, but not before thanking Mangastream/Binktopia for the scans, and for Onemanga/Sleepyfans for the translation.
Mata ne!
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Naruto 487 review
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