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 Naruto 489 review...

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PostSubject: Naruto 489 review...   Thu Apr 01, 2010 7:40 am

Hello, dear MH members and lurkers. If you read this, then you’re probably aware that this week’s Naruto chapter is out and kicking. This is all thanks to Binktopia scanlation group and Mangastream. Thanks for the great quality and speed.
This time around in the manga the whole ninja world is preparing for the 4th Great Ninja War.
We’ve been shown that the 5 Great Nation’s daimyous approved the Joint Shinobi Alliance, so that each village can prepare on their own.

This week’s color pages are awesome, and I think it’s been a while since we got some. We have a nice panel showing different shinobi from all over the 5 countries, posing as the main force of the Joint Shinobi Army. As the text says, this conflict will be decisive and it will influence the future of the shinobi world. It's the last measure against Akatsuki who strive to build a dream-like world, and force it one the real world. Of course at this point I only view Madara and Zetsu part of Akatsuki, because they are the ones who are pulling the strings. Madara is the real boss, but since we don't know Zetsu's intentions in this whole affair, let's count him as a leading figure as well.
We can see some interesting faces apart from the bodyguards of the Kages. It would be interesting if Kishi would introduce these characters, at least the ones with the creepy faces, because they should have some interesting abilities.
But not just the shinobi are involved in this.

The scenery is great. I like Myoubokuzan a lot, because its rich flora and wonderful colors. It has a magical aura, both literally and in figurative speech, I mean the first step in getting Sage techniques is due to the oil which exist only in this atmosphere.
The focus is on three of the most important frogs in the neighbourhood. The first is definitely Ogama Sennin, the Great Elder Sage, who is responsible of directing Jiraiya on his path, with his predictions. Every time we see him, he just sits in his bowl filled with water, doing apparently nothing. He certainly lives up to the inscription on his necklace(Sage), as he doesn’t move at all. Very Happy
The second is one of the Elder Sages Fukasaku, who is teaching Sage arts, and the third is the Key Frog, Gamtora, who holds the key/inscription to Yondaime’s sealing jutsu.
The argument, though not heated, has an important subject and that is handing over the key to Naruto. Gamatora as expected has a realistic view of this, which hasn't changed since his conversation with Jiraiya. But the Great Sage is of another opinion, and as his words are order, he immediately issues that Naruto to be brought there.

We switch scenes this time and return to Konoha. There’s no rest in the village, because many things happened. First is the interogation of Karin, and the when I saw the scene two scenarios popped in my mind:
1. Karin is faking all these moods as she doesn’t want to spill out anything about Madara or Sasuke, so she shows some intelligence and the possibility that she has experience with interogation
2. Ibiki is doing such a great job exploiting the inner world and feelings of Karin, that the result is instant.
But reading the whole conversation, it is obvious that Karin is trying to make her detention as comfortable as possible. As expected Ibiki doesn't move an inch, and he should be. Even if we can somehow see Karin in a good light, now that he separated from Sasuke, but it is a fact that she worked with Orochimaru, and she was in charge of one of the biggest hideouts, and it's true that she allied with Sasuke, so she is no doubt guilty of cooperating with criminals, thus being a criminal herself.
So judgin by this treatment, I don't see Karin joining Konoha 11, or being on Konoha's side ever. Even if Sasuke will attack the village and they'll meet, even then Karin won't take Sasuke's side.

But there are other places where more important people gather. And that is the meeting of the Konoha council. Prior to that though, we see Kakashi visiting Tsunade who is in the middle of a great fiest, as she is trying to build up strength for her young image to resist. We are witnessing some funny scenes with Ton-ton in the center of attention. Though what caught my attention was Kakashi’s line, in which he says that he almost became Hokage, and that he wasn't suited for the job. His tone is somewhat surprising, or maybe he is just being his easygoing self, but in last week’s chapter he said he is ready for the task, and he kinda seemed motivated to do a great job. Anyway, he is just completing the light and refreshing mood, but not for long.
They go to the meeting where the jounins, the advisors and Tsunade are assembled for discussing war related issues. Shimakaru’s being there means that in the meantime he was made Jounin, or that he has Tsunade’s trust when it comes to village matters, afterall his evaluation and planning skills are top-notch.

And we finally get to see Konoha’s hero and Ichiraku fan, Uzumaki Naruto. Well I don’t want to be stingy and all, but there were many people who thought that Naruto became very serious and his look showed that he carries the burden of the world on his shoulders. Well, he seems quite happy to me, as he is joined by Sakura who brings them the great news about Tsunade waking up. But as he begins to eat up, he suddenly vanishes. Seeing the first scenes with Myoubokuzan and the fact that Naruto disappearing kinda looked like a summoning jutsu, we arrive to the obvious concusion.
Naruto was the „victim” of a Reverse Summoning jutsu cast by one of the Elder Sages. The comic moments are really good, especially the art. I love how Naruto is drawn, when having childish moments, it's just damn funny. I admit I was waiting for this moment for a long time, and finally the time came for him to appear in front of the Great Elder Sage aka "Super Size Sage", LOL.
We witness some historic moments here, first because we get a confirmation that he will meet Killer Bee aka octopus, which was a bit obvious, knowing that at some point he had to master Kyuubi. This opens a few possibilities concerning Naruto's interaction with Akatsuki. Meeting Bee, will somehow involve Kisame as well, so the two defeating Kisame together could be a good idea. But if it is just mastering Kyuubi, then the meeting between, them could be simply fruitless, since we know, that in Kyuubi state, Naruto suffers damage.

But more important is when he is shown and given the key to the sealing jutsu, performed by Yondaime. Depending on what people think „that” jutsu means, the story can go different ways. But I think „that” jutsu and controlling Kyuubi are in a strong relationship, so when he will start mastering Kyuubi to greater degrees, we might get a glimpse of the nature of „that” jutsu.
But as I said earlier, it could be just the opposite. The key also serves the purpose of sealing Kyuubi off for good, so in that case, "that jutsu" is shrouded, by more mystery.
There's another part of the conversation/prediction, which is interesting. First of all it's a prediction, but it's a prediction that Naruto knows about, fighting a young man with great power in his eyes. Naruto says he knows about him, so we obviously should assume that the person in question is Sasuke. There's a chance of that person being Madara, but if it's a young man, instead of creepy masked guy, than let's just assume it's about Sasuke, for now.
The translation was a bit strange here as Ogama Sennin asks, if Naruto knows "what" is him. This implies that there's more to this powerful enemy than we are aware, but it could also imply that the translation is too, how should I say...word by word, which sometimes with Japanese it backfires. Just like now. I'm willing to bet, that Sleepyfans will translate this "who" or "what kind of" person, and they will be the exact one.
The word in question is nanimono which is formed by nani(what) and mono(person). nanimono used in contexts similar to these is translated as "who", but there are cases, when it's translated as "what kind of person". So personally I think there's no hidden mystery, it's just a translation issue.
Reading this manga I was always excited when a snake appeared. At first I thought we’ll see Kabuto, but we are shown that Anko is still in pursuit and searching for the „Four-Eyes” Kid, so I guess I was not so far. And that is because, Kabuto finally appears and we get to see his decision regarding the involvement in the war. But we see Madara as well, so a fight or even just a conversation is a great addition to the story, because we’re dealing with very mysterious characters. Did I say mysterious? Well yeah...mysterious people always happen to surprise others

What an incredible, yet gruesome panel. From left to right we see Akatsuki’s most powerful members: Nagato, Kakuzu, Deidara, Sasori, and Itachi. This is a very important twist in the story and an arguably good way to bring villains to the story. But let’s take a closer look.
In the previous panels, Kabuto made a very familiar move, and after that some coffins appeared. The technique is called Edo Tensei and as Kabuto says it’s the jutsu, that only Nidaima and Orochimaru were capable of doing. He also says that he surpassed his predecessors and he managed to level up the jutsu. What’s this level up? Well if I’m allowed to guess, maybe it’s related to the level of the shinobi he summoned, or maybe the number of shinobi, we’ll see.
What’s another great sight to behold is Madara’s reaction to all this. He looks frightened, or maybe very surprised as he recognizes the jutsu, from the moment Kabuto clapped his hands. I wondered why is that, and the first thing that popped in my mind was that he is afraid that someone like Kabuto who is the master of all these shinobi is his enemy, but then my mind went further and I thought maybe Madara has some awful recollection of this jutsu. Maybe he was summoned for God knows what purposes by Nidaime back then, through this jutsu, and from then he was living a tormented live needing someone like Zetsu, to refill him with bodyparts when there was a case. And who knows, maybe I’m right, because he said back then that he want his powers back, or he wants the perfect body, meaning that he doesn’t have a one, because at its origins his body belonged to a sacrfice who is needed to perform Edo Tensei. And then I thought I let you guys decide.
Another important issue is how did he manage to summon shinobi, who are either dead in different areas of the world or even blown to pieces. Edo Tensei can replicate chakra, even the Kekkei Genkai of somebody. This means that there has to be some genetic information about the one who is targeted for summon. If we think like this, than it's all acceptable. Kabuto was a spy for a long time, he even had Sasori bring him items, probably several times. These could be DNA of certain members for example. So villains are back, in a more villain-ish circumstance than ever, let's just hope their abilities are ressurected as well.

Quick summary/Opinions

I think this is a great chapter. There's certainly a good amount of plot development, which is great, because for a moment time seemed to be stopped with all these preparations for the war. But everybody is pretty active and Kishi is building this war up in a very interesting style. There were two memorable moments in the manga
1. Naruto's meeting with Ogama Sennin. This moment is filled with many important stuff, which will have great influence in the future storyline. But what was really great, that this whole event had comic moments as well, and the meeting reminded me of Jiraiya and his moments with the Great Toad. So some nostalgic feelings, some comic scenes, filled with important moments.
2. Kabuto and his Edo Tensei. Kabuto is a person who is hard to read. He exhibited great power, by summoning those dead shinobi, and he starts to get close to Orochimaru's level of being a villain, at least in my eyes. His intentions have 2 sides as well. He said he wants to join forces, with Madara, yet he left obvious traces, for Anko to find him.
Also his skills are amazing, he is able to tell that he is followed, he found Madara all by himself, and he even got his hands on a Forbidden Technique.
The art which was used showing all this was great as well. Gruesome panel with zombies, surprised/frightened Madara, evil smile.
With this we can say that a small amount of character development is present in this chapter, so basically the chapter meets almost every expectation of being a perfect chapter.
Therefore I think it deserves 9/10, with some personal feelings included here, not just objective approach.

Predictions/Want to happen

Naruto will probably set out for his journey, so I think he will do something similar to what Jiraiya did. But this is very unlikely, because he needs to stay in Konoha in case Sasuke arrives.
We will definitely see some more war-preparations in one of the villages, I really want to see what Iwa is doing.
But I think the highlight of the next chapter will be Kabuto, though I said this a while ago as well, and it didn't come true. I think things will proceed in 2 possible ways.
1. "I'm powerful, so U won't be at loss if I join U, but I have a condition, I want to kill Sasuke". Hearing this, Madara will say, that Sasuke is pretty strong now, so the winner stays.
2. Kabuto's presence will be concealed from Sasuke, and if Madara will accept Kabuto, he will probably send him on a mission.

So basically this was the review. I admit it was a bit long, but I hope it was worthed, if not I hope U enjoyed the chapter. Let us meet again next week, but not before thanking our providers, Binktopia and Mangastrea.
Mata ne!
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Naruto 489 review...
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