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 L O S T - The Alternate Story [A LOST Fanfic]

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PostSubject: L O S T - The Alternate Story [A LOST Fanfic]   Wed May 26, 2010 8:05 am

L O S T - The Alternate Story is basically, LOST with some new characters and the originals. This is based when they crash on the island, however things happen differently, this story will have it's own mysteries, and of course, we still have Smokey! It's written out like a script so when I post up the weekly chapters it wont take too long. I'm still looking for some characters to add so PM me with there details(i.e. Name, Age, Gender, Origin and Flashback). Enjoy the fan fiction and post away Smile [If you'd like to, even include some theories!]

Main Characters (Status)
Matt Goldman (Unknown)
Sayid Jarrah (Alive)
Melissa Grace (Alive)
Anthony Rudd (Unknown)
Jack Shephard (Alive)
James "Sawyer" Ford (Alive)

Season One Chapters (Centricity)
1. How it all began (Matt)


Credits to Papan from Soulsnpirates Smile
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L O S T - The Alternate Story [A LOST Fanfic]
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