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 Naruto 496 review...

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PostSubject: Naruto 496 review...   Thu May 27, 2010 2:35 pm

Hello everyone, welcome to my beloved review, but of course I hope it's not just mine.Very Happy

Very good job Binktopia, Mangastream, you guys are gold, fast and quality work.
Now onto the chapter...

Finally the time has come for the fated meeting. Since the beginning of the manga we've waited for this. So there is a whole history behind this, practically half of the manga or even more.
Let's review this history a little bit.

    we know that Kyuubi is sealed inside Naruto rendering his childhood miserable

    meeting with Haku, first evidence in the manga that the seal is weakening

    meeting with Orochimaru which reinforces the fact that Kyuubi's influence is triggered by anger

    the meeting with Jiraiya tells us details about the seal, and how it works, also the consequences of two seals put on each other

    the insane fight with Sasuke where we saw the first stage of basking into Kyuubi's power: The Kyuubi's Cloak

    the fight with Orochimaru taught us about the harmful effect of Kyuubi

    the peak of the Kyuubi transformations until now, the fight with Pain:6+ tails. and the reinforcement of the seal

These stages helped us to learn about Kyuubi and the various circumstances surrounding it. The plot itself revolves around the Jinchuuriki solitude theme, and how to negate the wild influence the Bijuu has on its Jinchuuriki.
All these events led to the current developments where Naruto tries to tame Kyuubi, and it is the first stage of character development that adult is receiving.

Therefore this week's chapter is special, form many points of view, and these will be the focus of the review.

This is the first element that was really absent in this period, but we finally got to it. And that is starting to explain how will Naruto be able to fight Kyuubi, how is the separation of the chakra from the will works, and of course maybe some new information about the seal itself.

The first thing that struck me in this chapter is the huge wall, and I think it's not just there for panoramic purposes. The graving on the wall is symbolic and it shows a beast trying to swallow something. Now this can be interpreted in different ways, but the beast itself represents Tailed Beasts, my take is that it's representing Hachibi, and that is because if you take a look at the body of the beast there are 8 flaming seal like elements.
What he is trying to swallow also looks like a seal, and it has some faling style added to it as well. That can represent the seal itself which ate away the beast's freedom, and it represents the struggle of the beast, to get out.
Another interpretation could be that it is the Jinchuuriki itself, since the Bijuu is trying to eat away the Jinchuuriki, to possess him.

This wall with such symbolic can only be in a special place, and it is revealed to us that this is a sacred temples where Jinchuuriki undergo taming the Bijuu process.
They enter through a door, which leads to a white space, which is inthe real world as we can see Yamato standing besides them. the scene itself in intriguing, and I became sort of conflicted with recent statements I made about the fist bumping thing. As we can see Bee an Naruto are holding out their fists, and it represents a communication channel for Bee guiding Naruto through the whole process.

The question is how is this possible? As we know the chakra of a shinobi is the combination of the physical and spiritual energy and it has a certain flow and characteristics for each shinobi. Reaching a spiritual meaning, and taking the existence of clans like Hyuuga,Yamanaka, characters like Karin, medical ninjutsu, sealing ninjutsu, genjutsu into consideration is not that impossible anymore to see into ones mind, even communicating with it. Another good example is the Yamanaka clan.

As we know the Hyuuga clan, the Yamanaka clan, even Karin were able to insert chakra into someone's body, and each of their tehcniques had different effect, like disturbing the Keirakukei system, healing or invading someone's mind. Medical ninjutsu also uses chakra and by inserting its healing properties into the body it helps the victim to regenerate, to heal. Sealing jutsu has all kinds of uses, sealing a Bijuu is the best example to state the foreign chakra can enter into someone's body.

Chakra being composed of spiritual energy as well, can allow a shinobi, like Bee to reach the soul of someone, to reach the deep subconscious, for scanning or communicating purposes. Therefore it can be concluded that the Bee can really use a technique like that, and this fist exchange thing doesn't sound all that symbolic now.

The confliction came from stating in a previous review that the fist bump is nothing more than a greeting.

Another interesting thing is the explanation of Bee about the possibility of this confronation ending badly. Kyuubi would be locked in this temple as it is a jail, so I wouldn't be surprised if those gravings are actuall part of a giant seal, which can contain tailed beasts. I think this is very important, because I think it shows the potential of containing more than one beasts, the only similar thing being, Pain's sealing jutsu.

It's always welcome to see new jutsus, to have them explained, as I said this really lacked in this arc. This panel is something I've never dreamed of seeing. Naruto using sealing jutsu. It should require great amount of training, chakra control, and even some understanding of it.

We know that Naruto learns by training, by accumulating loads of experience, and from this point of view he's really talented as he can use his experience to its fullest. Having so many encounters with Kyuubi, releasing it's powers, the magical apparition of the 4th Hokage who repaired the seal, maybe even the training with Jiraiya, enriched Naruto experience and it makes possible for him to use the key, with no prior training in such jutsus.(I don't really consider weapon sealing on the same level with something like this)

The process itself after that is very interesting as well. Of course bee is guiding him with some precious rhymes, and we are shown that the separation of the chakra from the will, or body is done literally. By using the key to open the seal, the key also serves the purpose of drawing Kyuubi's chakra out. The will of the Bijuu is strong and it is able to cut some of Hachibi's tails with no effort whatsoever, and with such a will and power, he is trying to assimilate Naruto as well, so the process is working both ways. I imagine though if more and more chakra is separated from the will, then resistance will become weaker, so these first moments are very important.
Another important aspect of this whole event is the detailed presentation of the mechanics of the seal itself.

The little dots from which 7 are visible due to the partial opening of the seal stand for the extremities of the seal which are visible on Naruto's stomach as well. I guess they as separate locks, for reinforcing the seal. The seak itself is a spiraling little door, and it's also shown that as it opens the seal from Naruto is disappearing as well. A last information which interesting as well is the reaction of Bee at hearing that seal is a Four Element seal. He remarks that it is a masterpiece, and it shows Bee's capabilities as a shinobi, by knowing these things, while he also says that it's more powerful than the Iron Armor seal. But Naruto's seal is not just a Four Element Seal, it's a combination of two Four Element Seals, which makes the 4th Hokage's work even more impressive.

The art is different in this chapter, and it's the second special elements of the chapter. The hanging around in the temple scenes are dark, as they foreshadow the hard encounter with Kyuubi, but there are other pluses as well. The facial expressions reinforce the importance of the moment and it make Naruto like his is more determined than in any other situation. This is great character development I'm looking forward in seeing more changes in Naruto as we established the childhood/adulthood border last chapter. The emotions of Naruto and the other characters are transmitted better this way, it somehow transforms the art style to be more dynamic. The good humor in the chapter balances the darkness of the environment, and Yamato is pranked the second time, though now the circumstance are funnier. The faces being more dynamic, the action is drawn in the same way. Naruto's first direct encounter with Kyuubi is great, it shows how poweful Kyuubi really is. Though if you look at the panel I posted, you can see that the angle is in a such way to foreshadow Naruto's victory over Kyuubi, and that is Naruto being in the foreground, and Kyuubi in the background.

All these elements, the art style, the detailed presentation of the process of drawing out Kyuubi, the fight itself weigh heavily in my book, and this chapter will receive a really big mark. Kyuubi knows the importance of the moment as well, as he realizes that Naruto is trying to take control of its powers. Finally Kyuubi shows some of its manipulative desires, as it looks like he engages in a conversation. It's not the first time though he talked in this chapter as he noticed the lack of hatred in Naruto and asked for the real Naruto appear, the one with hatred in his heart. As things slow down a little bit, I think we're onto a great conversation, which can reveal many details about the plot so far, and even to add to Kyuubi's development as a character.

The answer is simple and it shows that Naruto is not afraid anymore. I think the excitement reinforces his determination, because we saw in the first pages, that he showed that he was worried. He is not anymore, and he is ready to engage Kyuubi, both mentally and physically.

Quick summary/Opinions

The character pool of this chapter was increased with one more, so I guess it's not so plain anymore. The character itself is a mystery as well, and I think he can be called one of the most important characters.
This confrontation sets up the conclusion of this whole life of struggling in a great manner, and it substantially adds the development of the story.

I nominated the last chapter as one of the best in the arc and it was due to the character development we were shown, and the real meaning of this development.
This chapter is also a nominee, but from action and story point of view. Narutoverse is shown in more detailed, thanks to the introduction of the temple, the presentation of the Jinchuuriki taming process, and even the last touches involving the information about Naruto's seal. The action has great dynamic, and it showed Naruto in a different light than until now. The easy use of the sealing technique, his resolve and courage are impressive.

The art was special as well the enhanced the emotions that were transmitted and added to the importance of the moment.

But the most important element is the fact that this chapter starts the conclusion of a very important matter: the struggle with Kyuubi, its presence in Naruto's life, and the way it influenced the story until now. Therefore this is not just reaching the peak of this arc, but we reach the peak of one of the main sides of the story. So it's a 9/10, considering personal tastes, and general criteria as well.

Predictions/Want to happen
As the last panels suggests:The final stage of a lifelong battle. We have great chances of ending this confrontation next week, and not just judging from that line, but from the pace that was used until now. But I really hope Kishi will stretch this confrontation to at least one more chapter, not just the next one. As we saw Kyuubi calming down a little, the conversation and the possibility of gaining information of many Kyuubi-related things, that is awaited by every fan is possible development for next chapter.

With this I call this review as finished, but I'm really looking forward to what happens next, since these developments have the chance to be spectacular. Unfortunately these developments won't be accompanied with reviews, because it's exam period here, and I'm taking a leave from writing reviews, for at least three chapters. That's why I hope you really enjoyed this review, but if not then the chapter certainly makes up for it, as it is a splendid one. Thanks for Mangastream and Binktopia, especially to Hisshouburaiken who made a fantastic job with the rhymes. I thank you as well for your patience.
Mata ne!
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Naruto 496 review...
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