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 Naruto 492 review...

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PostSubject: Naruto 492 review...   Sat Apr 24, 2010 11:39 am

Welcome , to the weekly review of Naruto. I'm very sorry that the review arrived late, but friday was a crappy day, because I finally decided to go to school on friday. Nevermind me, a fairly interesting chapter is on plate for us, at beginning with some introduction, which can be a little boring for some, but with a very interesting end. This is the first chapter of this kind since my reviews, so I hope it will be an interesting read.
But we must thank, Binktopia and Mangastream first, because I’m borrowing their scans and translation for the review.

Reading the title, we should have a fairly decent view or knowledge of what happened in previous chapters, in order to predict what will happen. But this greeting is not a simple matter as we think. For those who don’t know, the Joint Shinobi Alliance is preparing for war against Madara, but in the meanwhile they are protecting the targets of this war, the two remaining Jinchuuriki, namely of Hachibi and Kyuubi. The „Greetings” is happening between them, as we know the octopus is destined to guide Naruto in his path to get his hands on great power. Killer Bee the Jinchuuriki of Hachibi entered in a flashy manner, making Naruto to cheer for him and thank him.
We witness a rather awkward moment, and that is Killer Bee recognizing the catch-phrase dattebayo which he thought of earlier, but dismissed as awful.
He reacts with some rhymes, and as expected Naruto isn’t impressed either. This is a bad sign for us readers, who are looking forward to the training of the two, since this is a bad start, first impression always counts.

The negative feelings are continuing, because we can see Gai with an awful face, needing the help of Aoba in order to get off the ship. I guess the passion of the youth is not showing its vigor.Very Happy

This is a very interesting turn of events, and it foreshadows a couple of things. The deployment of the leader of one of the strongest attack squads, and another who was member of the Nijuu Shoutai and IIRC one of the bodyguards of the Elders(not sure of this) could tell us that a great battle will undergo at the island. So if we don’t overestimate Kisame, then we should expect another enemy who will come to the island. Considering that there are two Jinchuuriki and several Jounin level ninja there, Kabuto’s appearance shouldn’t surprise us.

The question is how will Kabuto find that place? I don’t think any of his spies had an opportunity to overhear the Kage meeting or follow the boat. Kisame getting out of there and informing Madara could be a possibility, but sneaking out of Samehada will be difficult around Bee. So the signs are clear that the island will turn into a battlefield, but Kishi might just ignore these „signs”, because it could be just our imagination. Kisame is there for a stealth mission, at least this is what it seems like so far, so maybe he will find the resistance on the island too tough and will remain hidden. I was thinking about Kisame and that he fused with the sword, and remained in it undetected. That merge he performed stripped him of his form, but the mind of Kisame remained. I’m curious if Kisame needs some very powerful chakra in order to revert to his old self. Naruto might just pop him out.

But enough of the future, let’s stick to the present moment a bit. Killer Bee is introduced as a hero of heroes, a man that tamed all the animals on the wild island. Naruto doesn’t seem to react to all this, but take a look at his expression when he hears, that Bee has complete control over his tailed beast. Naruto shows signs of surprise, but I can discern some admiration in his look.
But let me say that I share some of the feelings Naruto has. I admire the Kumo shinobi who trust and respect their fellow Jinchuuriki, we saw it many times that this is available for everyone.

Let’s leave the present now and head back in the past. First of all Kakashi said that Jinchuuriki are treated in the same way regardless of the village, so I reckon Killer Bee hada tough childhood as well. He managed to control his tailed beast, so he must’ve undertaken many mission, so I bet they worked hard. Considering his age, he definitely fought in the at least one of the Great Ninja Wars. But his life-story should be different from that of Naruto’s, because he had a brother who I presume supported and loved him, which screams the conclusion that the current Raikage had a tough life as well. Their relationship is strong and must’ve fought hard to reach the top, and I figure Raikage aimed for the Kage position in order to make his brother’s life easier.

Judging from this little assumption, their separate personality traits, I dare say that Naruto will become sort of a result of the two. Naruto definitely has the childish behaviour of Bee, but he has the temper of Raikage as well, but I’m not speaking about wrath and anger, rather than the guts for quick decision making and fighting for loved ones. Raikage’s and Bee’s past has great chances that it’s similar with Naruto’s past, not to mention Naruto aiming for the position of Kage. It’s a nice feeling to step out of Konoha’s atmosphere and mainly the symbols that are present in Konoha. In konoha there’s always a famous team of 3 people where the personalities are similar, and the male members are always arguing. While this is a nutshell presentation, the emotions are deep, and the decisions greatly affect Konoha. It’s nice to see a different village, where the relationships are shaped differently, thus giving birth to new refreshing personalities.

Jumping back to present, one of the latest refreshing additions to the cast is Killer Bee, who is supposed to help Naruto in controlling Kyuubi. As I said before there is a shred of admiration in Naruto's eyes so he goes and asks him, but Killer Bee is not so fond of the idea.
The scenes are great. Bee is on vacation, and thinks that Naruto is there for an autograph. When he hears that Naruto is the host of Kyuubi, he becomes serious and he sees that Naruto isn’t joking either. This doesn’t seem to be enough, so Naruto cracks a very good rhyme. RAWs are not available so I can’t check what he said in Japanese, but the translator surely did a great job transforming Naruto’s line in something great. Bee likes that and greets him with his fist, asking in the meanwhile to spill another rhyme. This time Naruto screws up, so he resorts to his ultimate ninjutsu: Harem no Jutsu.

What a beautiful scene with blonde girls moaning and asking Bee for help. But a true artist, a true singer doesn’t give in to temptation and he doesn’t even budge at the sight of the harem. Not even mentioning that he is a great shinobi so the 3 Great Taboos of the shinobi apply to him as well. Therefore he shuts to door in Naruto’s nose. This is the second sign that this getting into training mode will be tough for Naruto.
This reaction was expected I think, as we know that Killer Bee doesn’t really care for people he doesn’t know, he likes to sink in the world of rhymes and Enka Rapping.
Very nice comedy, but before we just dismiss this whole scene, let’s see what the Kumo shinobi says about it.

Naruto asks Motoi, what the hell is up with Bee and he entitles him with honorifics as stubborn and stingy, but Motoi doesn't like this and scolds him with a very threatening face.
He tells Naruto that he doesn't know anything about Bee, but as a fellow Jinchuuriki he should at least know that he had a very tough life as well. But Motoi didn't really pick his words wisely, and those exact arguments are returned with the question why isn't Naruto receiving any help.
So this way the fight ends in a draw, and the Kumo ninja tries to repair the situation, and asks Naruto if Bee greeted him, and he immediately remembers the fist bump.

This is interesting, and it looks very much like Naruto and Sasuke are using to know each others thoughts. From Part 1 until the 2nd reunion of Naruto and Sasuke I always thought that this warriors know each other by their clash of their fists is symbolic and it refers to Naruto and Sasuke building a bond between them through fighting, even if that bond is not entirely love or just hate. After the second reunion I understood that this concept has a literal meaning in Naruto and this can be considered a technique, but which can be only used by true warriors and against true warriors.

This fist bump thing is a pretty vague concept and it is pretty vague in this situation as well. Killer Bee is greeted even King-chan with his fist, so I guess this can be called a habit of his, but when he greeted Naruto it could have another meaning. The Kumo ninja sure things there's another meaning to it, than just a regular greeting, so there's a high possibility that Bee knew that the hatred in Naruto's heart is there, so he gave him time to get rid of the hatred.
So Bee is very impressing in treating people not just in fighting, and gives the word greeting a slightly different meaning than what we would've expected.

When I reached this moment of the chapter, it was like the whole picture of Bee's behaviour just became a bit clearer. He told Naruto that his spirit is good, but he questioned if his badassness, which I can translate as guts. Then he greeted him, discovered his hidden darkness, and just shut the door in Naruto's face. He let everything to be Naruto's decision, but he made him walk this road alone until the training itself would commence and where he could help. And this was the best decision, because the hatred in Naruto's heart which would be his failure in controliing Kyuubi is Naruto's business and only he can get rid of it. So basically he's a kind person, as well, and by testing Naruto's guts I'm sure he knew that he will seek help with other people as well.

A very nice relationship is developing between Bee and Naruto, which is not a teacher-student relationship what we've seen before. Until now Naruto needed to be explained things, and then guided towards a certain result, this time, with small gestures Bee is just guiding him, but in the same time he challenges him, in order to gather the necessary resolve for what needs to be done.

Therefore Motoi takes Naruto to the first place Bee trained, and it is called the Waterfall of Truth, and by this he means that the waterfall will reveal ones true self, so it is a perfect place for Naruto to know himself better.

What a good move by Kishi. Materializing Naruto's goal to get rid of his hatred, with a magic waterfall. I'm inclined to analyze this waterfall with some technical stuff, like it is genjutsu, why is it genjutsu, or why not, but I think it would ruin the great cliffhanger.
What's also interesting that Kishi created the autograph moment in the last chapter probably just for this development, and maybe to put Naruto in opposition to Bee who sort of expected Naruto to ask for autograph. But nevertheless it's obvious that the autograph scene was not just any random scene and good job ashher from MH for noticing the importance of that particular event.

I said at the beginning that this is the kind of chapter I didn't review until now. Well the first element is that from this time on it will only Naruto, and we will have Naruto's feelings, there will be a clash in his inner world, and the fact that this is part of a training arc is also new to me.
I kinda realized this last chapter, when this pace and developments were somewhat boring, but I began to watch this whole thing with a different perspective, and it sure turns out that Kishi is THE mood.

Very nice art in this last panel, love how Evil Naruto is portrayed, and I swear all of this manga's events should happen near water, cuz characters in water or with waterdrops on them seem like Kishi's specialty.

Quick summary/Opinions

Not a complete chapter, though it's obvious that this ending was meant for this chapter since at least last week, but I dare to say even more, so I don't know if anything else which would've been interesting could've been added.
It was a great idea of Kishi to do a little introduction of the cast on the island, not prioritizing just Naruto and Bee. This way he created possibilities for people to predict what battle will happen in the future.

Very impressing character development done in the chapter. The characters which gained some focus are obviously Bee and Naruto, and Kishi used their relationship to portray their individual traits. With a short convo and with the help of Motoi Kishi shed some light on Bee's kindness, but his direct personality as well and the unusual style of guiding people. Naruto's guts and will to never give up are presented, even after Bee's refusal seemed definite. A short peek in the mindset of the Kumo shinobi was fascinating as well, Kumo being a breath of fresh air in this shinobi universe.

So character development, story development, some further presentation of the shinobi world are the power features of this chapter.
The art was amazing at the end and at the beginning when Bee descended.

The way Kishi connected the moments in the chapter, with explaining an important gesture which at first seemed unimportant and normal was great. This way he sort of extended the meaning of the clash of fists. Then he connected a moment from last chapter to this one's ending creating a great cliffhanger. So the elements which are required for the continuity of the story were present, so I give this chapter a 9/10 overall. It's a pretty generous mark despite the fact that I don't like the focus on only one character and there was no fight. But there was some story writing elements and some discrete character developments that transformed this chapter for me, from average transition chapter into one which offers great insight, and reveals great story-telling.

Predictions/Want to happen

Well I guess Naruto's clash with himself is unavoidable. Now I don't know what will Kishi do, but he can transform this clash into an actual fight, or maybe it will be just a clash of personalities and the one with the stronger spirit will emerge victorious. I think the focus will be Naruto the whole chapter, though I would like to see others as well. This moment is very important so showing too many characters besides Naruto would ruin the pace, but at least Yamato or Gai could be shown. Depending on this pace and on whether villains will appear or not in the next chapter, Kyuubi appearing in a short time has a high possibility. And that would be good enough villain for me. So I'm thinking in Naruto suppressing his hatred, but Kyuubi joining the discussion would be the main attraction of the next chapter. The pace also depends on whether Kishi would like to present the hate moments in Naruto's life in a detailed manner.

So high possibilities of Naruto being the sole focus next chapter, or should I say both of them.Very Happy It's nice to see that the darkness of the manga is slowly transforming into a lighter and more mystical story along with Naruto's transformation.

This is kinda it. Some consistency problems should occur since this review was started on thursday, but only got the chance to finish it today. The pics are in an awful condition, so I apologize for the quality.I apologize for any mistakes, please point them out. Enjoy the chapter, because it will be long wait until the next one. Until then discussin it and hearing people's opinions could make us read more between the lines or interpret some things differently. Thanks for the providers and for U who read this.
Mata ne!
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Naruto 492 review...
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