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 Full Metal Alchemist chapter 108: The End

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PostSubject: Full Metal Alchemist chapter 108: The End   Fri Jun 18, 2010 3:50 am

Unfortunately this is the end for this awesome series
What is there to say...superb story...I started the manga when chapter 90 or so appeared and I became a total fan...with brotherhood airing I began to like it even is a story with no faults at all, and the things which are left unexplained in the manga and now at the end give the perfect circumstances for the manga to be discussed even further...

Of course along with the story and characteres which should receive a very high mark, the humor was the best in this wasn't forced, all humorous events had good timing...FMA is the manga where I laughed the most of all mangas I read so far

Beautiful last chapter, this is the first manga I'm finishing, or witnessing its finish...cheers to the guy who predicted that Ed will give up his knowledge to bring Al back...

I would've wanted more Mustang as well, but the ending snapshots are all I need, especially seeing Havoc recovering...I also like the idea of Mustang taking his time and not becoming Fuhrer just like that...

What was interesting, is the fate if the Homunculus, he said something that he doesn't want to be trapped again, which could mean the flask, but as his birth being the biggest mystery in the manga, I think he is a product of what's beyond the gate, an experiment of Xerxes alchemist to gain more knowledge...that's why he had so great understanding of Renkinjutsu yet, not knowledge at all about him returning and being trapped is probably a double shock, hence the trapping part, and returning where he came from, at least if he knows how he was born at all
The best line of the chapter: U have beaten truth, which is supersaturated with the shounen friendship theme, but the way Ed gave up his knowledge, and the way he behaved in the front of The Truth was remarkable...great character this Truth guy

Perfect ending, I considered the best balance of sad and happy moments that can end a manga...cheers for Arakawa, it was a hell of a great job...

Okay so I've stated my opinion, it's UR turn now, please stay on topic that's all I need...cheers!
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Full Metal Alchemist chapter 108: The End
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